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We follow the national curriculum scheme of work; therefore, all content will be directly related to your child’s learning at school. Students will receive a maths booklet, containing all the vital topics that need to be covered and these will increase in levels as your child progresses. Regular assessments are taken to ensure efficient learning. We cover all exam boards for our GCSE and A level students.

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For primary students, the predominant focus is preparing them for SAT’s, exercising their creative writing abilities, comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG). Similarly, GCSE students will be required to focus on exam practice, and writing techniques associated with their examining body. The relevant novel, Shakespearian play and anthology is taught to each individual student.

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Our science sessions cater for students in years 7-11. From years 7-9, we cover all topics in your child’s specification, detailed to their exam board, in order to ensure they are equipped for their GCSE’s. years 10-11 will receive detailed learning plans, covering all topics and specific to their examining bodies. Nearing exams, exam papers are distributed to all students to aid their revision.

For both GCSE’s and A level’s, our sessions are subject specific. Each 2-hour session is allocated to either Biology, Chemistry or Physics.